Artist, Designer, Visionary

James is an artist and trained illustrator, with a skill for interesting character designs.  He is currently learning to translate his painting and drawing skills to digital art and sprites.

He also has a love for engineering, both in games and real-life. He proved this when customising and improving his gaming PC, which is now partly made from Lego.

He does not recognise Edge as Emperor.


Game Design, Art, Brains

Adam is a trained artist as well as an experienced programmer.  He is currently combining his skills and working towards a PhD in Visual Analytics. He still finds time in his schedule to join us for game jams, and brings his PhD-level brains and an understanding of mathematics.

One of his interests is the use of narrative in games,  and the potential applications of narrative visualisation techniques in other media.


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Official Cat, Head of Sales

Our official cat is called Darwin, and  he is a real live cat.  He is named for the great Charles Darwin, but has yet to evolve beyond licking himself or walking into walls.

His main duties involve sleeping, batting things with his paw and general cat stuff.

Sometimes he’ll pose for a photo, and will annoy James by getting more attention than the game’s artwork.


Game Design, Music, Website

Founder and self-proclaimed Emperor. Called by his middle name Edge, due to being one of the two Adams in the team.  Edge is his real middle name.

When not explaining his name to people, he writes game music, makes prototypes and has ideas. One day he hopes to turn these ideas into real games.

He also maintains the website and handles communication, mainly during game jams.

Meet the Team


A few friends making indie games for fun,

lazily planning a Greenlight campaign

Latest News - Spring 2017

Winter Achievements
Over the Winter period we’ve been working on 5 major things, which got a bit crazy.  We continued working on our 2 ongoing projects (InfiniQuest & From the Sea, Freedom), we submitted a game to the Pixel Horror Entry, we made something for Ludum Dare, we hosted our own Game Jam called Finally Finish Something, and lastly we made a game to submit to our very own FFS Jam.

Plans for Spring
The madness over the past few months has been an enjoyable ride, and we’ve got a lot of great things done, but we’re looking to be a bit more focused over the course of Spring 2017.  With rumours of Steam Greenlight being replaced by Steam Direct, it looks like publishing to Steam would be within the realms of possibility, so we are considering picking a single project and just working on that until it’s done.  We haven’t decided which one yet, so will be discussing this and making a decision soon.

We have updated the blog here on our website, it’s a lot better and now (letting us do such amazing things as link directly to an article).  With this new found power we should be doing slightly more regular updates on our progress.

Game Jams
We’ve done 3 game jams in the past 4 months, so we will probably have a break until the next Ludum Dare in April.  That will be the 15th Anniversary of Ludum Dare, so it should be a special one.  They have decided to host it on my daughter’s 1st birthday though, so I won’t be fulfilling my usual responsibilities.  I will hand the game design and programming over to Adam D, who will take the lead (with the usual art & animation support from James).  I will used my limited time to write music and sort out sound effects, as well as a bit of playtesting and level design if time allows.  Not having to work on the game will actually give me a lot more time than usual to work on music, so hopefully we can make the sound design a bigger part of the game overall.
Last Updated February 2017

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